Some of the Most Interesting Coffeehouses In The World

Du Mien cafe, Saigon

There are purported coffee experts that claim to know where all the best coffeehouses are as well as colorful baristas who will tell you that their espresso far surpasses any other. But where can caffeine addicts can get the perfect hit from their favorite fix AND in an interesting, unique location? (Above is the most unusual coffeehouse in Saigon that utilizes tree supports to bring the outdoors inside. Du Mien cafe located at 7 Phan Van Tri, Ward 10, Go Vap District.)

Old Cal Coffee, San MarcosOld Cal Coffee, San Marcos

The sense of community is one of the first things you notice at Old Cal Coffee, which is the oldest coffee shop in the area. People gather here to connect and they are made to feel welcome. For local music this place can’t be beat as they regularly feature local musicians that brew up some epic coffeehouse concerts.

La Fontaine de Belleville, ParisLa Fontaine De Belleville, Paris

It seemed like the talented team behind Belleville Brûlerie was holding out from opening a traditional retail business. Many of the city’s finest cafes already relied on their beans for their reputation. But in 2016, owners Thomas Lehoux and American expat David Nigel Flynn proved to their fans in the Tenth arrondissement that their wait was not in vain: La Fontaine De Belleville became the first contemporary specialty cafe to open in Paris albeit in the style of a traditional Parisian cafe. The classically styled corner spot is filled with the vintage charm (and delicious food) you’d expect from the city – complete with a smoker-filled patio – but with, in a new twist, brilliant coffee alongside. And there is also wine and jazz.

Café Chat L'Heureux

Café Chat L’Heureux, Montreal

Yes! Chat L’HEUREUX is one of the best and unique cafes in Montreal, Canada. With the best coffee, this place has a unique essence and brilliant mind behind its theme. This is a cat theme based Cafe where you can actually enjoy the company of cats while savoring beverages.

This Cafe is actually a paradise for all the cat lovers. The mission behind this Cat Cafe was to provide a substitute place for those who are not able to own a pet due to some reason. Along with that this was an initiative taken to promote well-being of the animals and help encourage human-feline interaction. MEOW….


Coffee Collective Copenhagen

The Coffee Collective

From their slick, modernist, yet Scandinavian “hyggelige” coffee shops, The Coffee Collective make coffee with care and want to give you an exceptional coffee experience. They do so by focusing on the entire process of the coffee making.

The Coffee Collective is a micro roastery with two coffee shops and a coffee school. In order to achieve their goal of making the best coffee, they are cooperating with farmers to develop a sustainable production and to improve the quality of the coffee.

The atmosphere at The Coffee Collective in the super charming Jægersborggade is inviting, and the baristas greet you with a smile.

Old Spike Roastery UK

Old Spike Roastery, Peckham, London 

What’s that in the corner? Looking like a tiny steam engine, that my friend is a coffee roaster and it’s the reason why caffeine heads flock here. The place is tiny, with a handful of seats along the bare brick walls or on the bench out front. Started purely as a roastery in 2014, it soon opened its doors to enthusiastic Peckhamites – and now runs coffee carts across the city, too.


You’ll spot Old Spike’s seasonal, single-origin beans elsewhere, but the mother ship offers a freshly roasted espresso experience, plus interesting filters. Their Ethiopian Rocko Mountain was a super-smooth brew, fruity and chocolatey. Barista Lucy was Old Spike’s first homeless employee, part of its ongoing work with homeless charities (that’s why its nomadic carts are called Change Please).

Eats come from Crosstown doughnuts and there’s artisan hot chocolate and Good & Proper teas, too. But really, why would you, when the coffee’s this good?

While we’ve come up with a few coffeehouses for you to try on your travels, let us know what you think or tell us about a coffee shop that we have overlooked in the comments below.

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