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Roasting Since 2006

A 4-star restaurant accountant and "coffee" lifestyle magazine publisher, I found a new appreciation for coffee when I visited Hawaiian coffee farms and observed the process from harvest to roast. No longer was coffee just a caffeine jolt to get me functioning in the morning, but I think of it as a labor of love, savor each sip and imagine its path from crop to cup.

Transitioning to a roaster on Catalina Island (where I lived after re-marrying in 2015) was second nature as I had been roasting coffee at home since 2006. With the new science behind high altitude coffee roasting, it seemed like a no brainer that I relocate my roasting operation to my home for over 30 years, Big Bear in Southern California. Roasting at 7000 ft using lower temperatures and less time, I watch the beans from first crack sometimes up to the second crack, then cupping it...truly a priceless pleasure to share.

From Source to Roast: The Process

Our 100% Arabica beans are sourced from around the coffee belt from importers who work closely with local farmers to ensure fair trade, environmental sustainability and high-quality. This means you get an incredible taste while supporting coffee farmers around the globe every time you order our coffee.

Next, we roast green coffee at 7000 ft utilizing different temperatures for varied lengths of time to derive a wide range of flavor profiles. When roasting high altitude grown coffee at this very high altitude, we are able to lower the temperature as well as lessen the roast time, which enhances the flavor profile of single origin coffees as well as creating some amazing blends.

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